Other Unique Features

Simplify the deployment of mobile solutions

With Motilia Tech, an organization can quickly get one or more application solutions, in the commercial, technical, HR and management fields, for example. The configuration of each solution is saved centrally in a server, to enforce security and simplify its deployment.
Once the installation of the Motilia Tech environment is done, the deployment of the application solution on a mobile device is automatic when the device is connected, and does not require any action on the part of the IT team. To deploy a functional update, simply save the modified cofiguration and it will be taken into account by the mobile devices as soon as they are reconnected.
With its centralised management of application configuration and the automatic reconfiguration of mobile devices, the Motilia Tech platform delivers the pace of implementation together with the cost-effective ability to implement future upgrades, ensuring the ability to address new business needs in a constantly changing world.
Furthermore, if improving the employee experience is a goal of your organization, it will need to gather feedback from employees frequently, draw insights from that feedback, and act on those insights in real time. In this context, the ease of updating and deploying Motilia Tech solutions is a key asset for your organization.

Customizable color theme

With the Motilia Tech platform, a customizable color theme can be associated to each application solution, both applied on iOS and Android devices. This theme allows the organization to define its identity and impact on users' mind, and to differentiate one solution from another.
Our environment also allows the organization to leave the choice of colors for each application to the user, leaving it up to users to apply a personal theme to each of their applications.
This customization reinforces the perceived quality of the solutions, improves user engagement and the rate of use of enterprise applications, thus contributing to the success of digital transformation projects.

Biometric authentication

The biometric authentication feature, adapted to each mobile device, is integrated into all mobile solutions built with the Motilia Tech platform (facial recognition for compatible iPhone, iPad and Android devices, or fingerprint recognition). This authentication allows a very fast and natural connection to the business data.
This biometric authentication login feature is integrated in all Motilia Tech solutions without any additional programming. It is adapted to each device and must be configured by each user.


With Motilia Tech, your application solution can be used with as many languages as you wish. To this end, just translate in your configuration the used expressions in the desired languages, and associate each user with his language.
The support of multilingualism is a standard feature of the Motilia Tech environment.