Device-Specific Native Solutions

The user interface is the primary element of quality perceived by mobile users. It has a significant impact on the user experience, in particular for the handling, the number of usage incidents, and the engagement of the users.
With the Motilia Tech platform, users have a native solution, whose interface is differentiated according to the operating system (iOS or android) and the screen size (smartphone or tablet).

Native or hybrid solution?

A native application allows optimized use of the memory and processor on mobile devices. As a matter of fact, an hybrid application based on the Javascript language (used in React Native, Angular or Ionic) requires 14 to 28 times more memory and 3 to 4 more CPU time than a native application to run - according to a study by the University of Kufstein, in Austria.
A native application also enables an optimized user experience thanks to a fluid and responsive interface. A study from the Foundation of Computer Science in New York measured a display speed slowed down by a factor of 10 and memory access slowed down by 4 to 12 times for hybrid applications.
Furthermore, an analysis from the Rochester Institute of Technology (New York) indicates that hybrid apps tend to be more prone to user complaints, and an app that went from an hybrid approach to a native one reduces its user complaints about performance and reliability.
Generally, compagny-provided technology, whether hardware or software, must work seamlessly, increase productivity and reduce the effort required to complete user tasks. Otherwise, a drop in motivation is likely to occur, as well as a misalignment between employees and their managers.
With the Motilia Tech platform, organizations get their business solutions based on a native app that leverages the resources of your mobile devices in an optimized way, with the highest level of perceived quality.

A differentiated interface, iOS or android

The Motilia Tech based solutions fully respect the interface guidelines from Apple on the one hand, and Google on the other hand, as well as the best practices of the two environments. This respect results in a difference in interface between a solution for iOS and its equivalent for Android, as well as simplified learning for users.
It also results in better user adoption, which translates into more intensive use of application solutions and greater success of the organization's digital transformation project.
And of course, the Motilia Tech platform adapts to the screen size of mobile devices, with a display suited to smartphones and tablets.