Motilia Tech is a no-code platform

Today, dans le cadre de leur transformation numérique, organizations need more effective digital solutions to stay competitive and innovate dans leur secteur, as custom apps have emerged as key points of competitive innovation. Motilia Tech no-code environment helps them get their business apps, from sales, operations or HR to management apps, in just a few days. It helps to fill the gap between the IT department availability and business demands, contributing to the next generation of their business.

Fast implementation and deployment

Implementing a business solution with our environment requires only a few days of configuration, compared to several months of development for an equivalent solution. This speed avoids the tunnel effect during the implementation of projects, with a good visibility on their progress and their prospects for completion.

Reduction of the risks of uncontrolled deadlines and costs

Should your organization decide to go with a classic development project, it would have only 29% of succeeding, being done on budget, within scheduled timeline and with anticipated features - according to Gartner. Furthermore, the associated workload and complexity result in an reduction of agility. Conversely, our dedicated no-code platform can only help you to overcome these traditional development issues and to succeed apace, while allowing you use an agile method for your project management.

Simplicity and speed of functional evolution

Put to the test of use, and throughout its lifecycle, a front-end solution requires several functional evolutions. As during its initial implementation, it will benefit from the simplicity and speed that our platform offers to be adjusted to the specific needs of users.

Minimized amount of specialized skills

The implementation of an enterprise mobile solution generally requires (necessitates) the intervention (calling-out) of technical development skills, specialized in the technologies chosen by the organization, as well as competencies in data management and security. Then the development team will take months to prototype, complete, and deploy enterprise tools or custom features. With regard to the Motilia Tech environment, only your data management and security expertise is necessary to synchronize and secure the data of your next mobile solutions (see below).

Solution build-up

The mobile solution build-up with Motilia Tech environment takes place in three phases.


To start, organization data needed by the mobile solutions must be synchronized with a buffer database, from which they will be processed. Subsequently, new informations will be transfered back to the original databases after integrity checking.


The second phase is to install the gateway application on a server, and the client mobile appl on the iOS and android mobile devices. The security settings compatible with the organization policy can be integrated in this phase.


The last phase is the configuration of the Motilia Tech environment depending on the organization needs, the data models and the user profiles, with the data read and write requests particularly.
The Motilia Tech environment build-up can be completed within a few days, without any prior need. It does not require interface component assembly, or compilation of a mobile app. It is the reason why our platform stands out for his swiftness and agility, in comparison with other enterprise mobile environments.